Here is how to setup python 3.2 in Netbeans 6.7

24 Jul

First install python 3.2 on your system

1. Navigate to TOOLS >> PLUGINS
2. on the “Available Plugins” tab, look for python & Jython, and install it.
3. Navigate to TOOLS >> Python Platforms (if you cant find this, go back to step 1.)
4. By default, when you tell Netbeans to autodetect, It wont see 3.2.
so just grab version it sees and modify the path.

on Main tab, set

command: c:\Python32\python.exe
console command: c:\Python32\python.exe
command argument: -u or whatever works for you

on Python Paths tab, add the python paths you will require,
mine here has close to 12 paths


next hit “close”
you can now create new python projects, you may also want update your python template file so that when you ask netbean to create a new py file for you, it doesn’t use the old python print without parenthesis.

And make sure you set netbeans to use the new python setting and not jython or older
One other issue i faced was with getting cx_freeze to create my executables.

when you click build or clean build in netbeans, netbeans passes in the wrong command line argument.
to fix this, you need to update the a particular jar file to reflect the command line argument for cx_freeze

setup build

the file to update it located here

C:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.7\python1\modules\

the file name is

open that file using winrar, the navigate to org\netbeans\modules\python\project\ui\actions

the 2 culprits are


download class editor and open each file with it
class editor can be gotten from here

search and edit the word bd_inst
change it to build and save it

now overwrite the copy using same winrar
restart Netbeans.


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