PyQT 5 had a lot of it’s classes restructured, Classes may not be where they used to be

22 Jun

Well, bandwidth here in Nigeria as at june 2014 is very expensive, so you are better off downloading youtube videos, watch them, re-watch and even show your friends. you will be saving on your internet bill at the end of the day.

Until i figure out why my laptops are always very attractive to …, i have no choice than to put my stuff on github
and everytime someone modifies the ownership of my laptop, i always end up getting to re-install all my stuffs on a new one.

One favorite tool of choice; Youtube downloader.

I never lay my hands on a clean one, always written in java and somehow performs slowly or riddled with ads

so i decided to write one in python and QT and put it up here
feel free to download and re-use


So i decided to write it using PyQT5 and then i noticed a lot has changed since PyQT4

QMainWindow no longer reside in QtGui but now in QWidgets

the signal slot seems to have changed and each signal now seem to have been integrated into each object so instead of binding signals to slots in this old manner

QtCore.QObject.connect(self.main_ui.addURL, QtCore.SIGNAL(“triggered()”), self.showInputForm )

you now must do it like this


I am still discovering them so i shall post them here as i notice the changes.



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