A curious application developer, I started my programming career back in 2002 by editing source codes of popular websites, I soon started to wonder how those pages worked, how sessions are carried from page to page.

I figured “they” use something called database for data persistence.  I was having my internship at a cyber cafe in Lagos at that time instead of The Honda Place as i was a Mechanical Engineering student at Yaba College of technology then.

I took advantage of the steady internet connection at my office to download a 23MB mysql database server (This took close to 8 hours to download on an unsteady 5KB/s connection, a very fast connection at that time). Bought a 128 MB RAM pentium II desktop computer running Windows 2000  from my friend Chuks with my first pay at the cafe.

Got home, installed it and later figured i needed an Apache web server and a PHP application server.
I got them all working, and that was how it all started.

I spent over 12 hours daily learning programming concepts, working on samples, tutorials etc.
In 2006, I was offered a Lead Web Developer role at Sadeeb Technologies LTD.

At Sadeeb Technologies in 2007, I picked up Python and had the privilege to work on a robust multi-threaded application for the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN). Working on this application was more of a learning curve for me back then.

Fast-forward to 2016, I spend each day learning something new and still can’t meet up.
The rate at which new technologies spring up is so prolific that it will take a lifetime to master all.

I since figured, the best way to deal with this is to approach each task as they come
I have mastered Java(though haven’t touched this since 2010) , Python & Qt, PHP/MySQL, Actionscript 3, C/C++, Javascript, CSS, HTML.

I am also an experienced Linux Server administrator,  who understands and have worked with media streaming technologies like the Red5 Media Server and RTMPy(based on Python’s Twisted framework).

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